Long Term Care Software

For 30 years Hi-Tech Software has provided Long Term Care Software for Clinical and Financial operations in:

  • Skilled and Long Term Nursing Care
  • Nursing Homes
  • Health and Rehab Centers
  • Residential Care
  • Assisted Living Facilities

Hi-Tech supports over 300 facilities in 14 states and Canada and six medical clinics in the country of Nigeria.

EMR for Long Term Care

We provide Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and EMR Documentation in a nursing home and other LTC health care environments.

In addition to the EMR, this system provides complete MDS 3.0 Processing, and new clients can transfer MDS 3.0 records into our system for historical reporting.

Expand the LTC resident's EMR by adding IMAR (Electronic Medication Administration Records or EMAR) and interface to Resource Systems CareTracker™.

With our Rehab or Respiratory Therapy Systems, you can create therapy schedules and record therapy time. The Rehab Therapy application analyzes the scheduled and recorded time to recommend optimum start dates for the MDS.

100 Day Therapy Scheduling helps you schedule therapy and MDS records to manage RUG scores and reimbursement. The system transfers therapy minutes to the Medicare A MDS Therapy sections. Both Therapy Systems interface with the Resident Billing and Accounting System to create charge records and access HCPCS-coded therapies in the Medicare B fee schedule.

Long Term Care Billing and Financial Software

Integrate long term care residents' EMR records with our census-based Resident Billing and Accounting software--on-site or in a central office--to bill Medicaid, Medicare A and B, commercial insurance and private payers.

The EMR and the Resident Billing and Accounting Systems include Resident Referrals and Resident Trust Accounting applications.

Our General Accounting software includes Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Payroll and Fixed Assets. Our Payroll System integrates with our Human Resources application.

Hi-Tech provides interfaces to several other technology vendors' therapy and medical supply charge systems and time clocks. We can create new interfaces to other vendors’ products that you use.

Hi-Tech Software Client Services include:

  • Data conversion prior to the installation of our software
  • Software installation
  • On-site training in your facility
  • Webinar training
  • Phone support and phone training

Hi-Tech Software’s applications are HIPAA compliant.

Please review our Minimum System Requirements for:

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