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Software for Long Term Care
Comprehensive integrated software for long term care

What We Do

For over 30 years Hi-Tech Software has been dedicated to providing software to Skilled Nursing, Rehab, Long Term Care, Residential Care and Assisted Living homes. We value our relationships with our clients and appreciate the input and support we receive from them. Because many of our staff come from an LTC background, we have a better than average understanding of the everyday challenges faced by nursing and accounting staff at these homes. The care our clients provide is exemplary and we are proud to be a small part of their solution. We would love to help you, too.
Financial and Billing Software for Long Term Care


Combine our financial modules to create an integrated system that eliminates duplication of effort and streamlines your processes. Our Resident Accounting and Billing module integrates with the EMR module to incorporate RUG rates for accurate billing. Integration with General Ledger simplifies your reconciliation process and helps you produce financials quickly and efficiently. Add our General Accounting modules (GL, AP, PR, HR) for a complete financial package.
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Electronic Medical Records Software for Long Term Care

Electronic Medical Records

Accurate documentation is critical to resident care and appropriate reimbursement. Our EMR allows you to chart the personal details and medical information required for a comprehensive medical record. MDS 3.0 processing, along with CAA documentation, help you meet all CMS requirements. CAA-driven care planning, clinical assessments and nursing/progress notes assist you with resident care and supporting documentation. Facility-defined libraries let you customize the system to meet your specific needs. Role-based security limits access to authorized users and ensures a HIPAA-compliant medical record.
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Rehab and Respiratory Therapy Software for Long Term Care


Rehab and Respiratory Therapy modules provide discipline-specific HCPCS codes to streamline entry of procedures provided to your residents. Schedule therapy procedures by resident and by staff member and let the system help you optimize reimbursement. Build clinical assessments based on therapy requirements, and record notes by discipline for easy retrieval. Both therapy modules interface with the Resident Accounting module for charge capture and billing. They also interface with the MDS to eliminate duplication and ensure accuracy.
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