Long Term Care
EMAR Software

The Benefits of Electronic Medication Administration

Electronic Medication Administration

Ensure the 5 Rights
of Medication Administration:

  • Right Resident
  • Right Medication
  • Right Time
  • Right Dose
  • Right Route

Use the IMAR Electronic MAR System to accomplish the following:

  • Guide critical med pass functions.
  • Prevent medication errors.
  • Update electronic MARs and ensure high quality of care.

IMAR manages meds from a typical med cart equipped with a bar-code scanner, touch-screen monitor and an indestructible, liquid-proof keyboard.

To ensure accuracy, IMAR will do the following:

  • Identify each resident by a photo on the medication screen.
  • Warn you if:
    • You select the wrong med.
    • You about to give a med at the wrong time.
    • The resident is allergic to the med.
    • The med will interact adversely with other meds.
  • Display:
    • Pending medications
    • Meds about to be late
    • Late meds

IMAR interfaces to the pharmacy for easy re-ordering. When you receive the meds, check them into the system using the bar code scanner.

interfaces to the Hi-Tech Clinical Records System to provide medication information for Quality Assurance reporting.