Service Plans
Care Plans

To facilitate the creation of a comprehensive Service Plan within each resident's EMR, the System includes a Problem, Goal and Approach (PGA) Library developed with the assistance of a nurse and administrator of a residential care facility. The library also includes items written in “I Care Plan” language.

You can edit the library to meet the needs of your residents.

The library-based Service Plan system allow you to:

  • Select and edit frequently-used text rather than continually redescribe similar needs.
  • Perform Quality Assurance to locate all residents who have a specific need, goal and/or approach in their service plans.

As you create Service Plans, incorporate the following:

  • Problem types of Active, Maintenance, Potential, Resolved and Inactive.
  • Various sort criteria that allow you to sort service plans by problem number, problem category, of by primary needs.
  • Discipline codes that identify the staff who will carry out the approach.
    • Print Service Plan responsibilities by discipline.
    • Include certain approaches on residents’ monthly Flow Sheet records.

Service Plan reporting includes:

  • The printed quarterly Service Plan with signature page, in portrait or landscape mode.
  • Monthly Service Plan Evaluation for documenting goal progress for up to three months. Use this tool to prepare for goal evaluations each quarter.
  • Problem History.
NOTE: If Hi-Tech Software Solutions develops a Residential Care Assessment (RCA) for your state, the System might also print a one-page Service Plan summary of the resident’s condition based on the RCA and other parts of the resident’s records. You can print additional template pages and hand-write Service Plans for each of the resident’s needs.