MDS 3.0 Scheduling

MDS scheduling tells you when your residents’ MDS records are due for completion and submission.

scheduling for Medicare and commercial insurance:

  • Uses the residents’ admit dates and available Medicare days to automatically create the schedules for the 5-, 14-, 30-, 60- and 90-day assessments.
  • Imports recorded Therapy Days and Minutes so the schedule can suggest an Optimal Start Date to capture the maximum amount of therapy time.
  • Prints both Scheduled and Completed versions of this report. You can give the Completed version with RUG scores to your billing department for UB04 billing review.

OBRA Assessment Scheduling:

  • Schedules Admissions, Quarterlies, and Annual MDS Assessments.
  • Recognizes when a new assessment meets the Significant Change criteria, and suggests a Significant Change assessment.
  • Significant Changes and Correction Assessments will restart the quarterly schedule.
  • You control the number of days in which you want to schedule the next quarterly MDS.

Alert Lists:

  • The COT Alert provides COT Review Dates based on the ARD of each Medicare resident's most recent assessment used for payment.
  • Lists MDS records that are not yet printed or ready for submission.
  • The 90-Day Alert lists residents whose current assessments are nearing 90 days and who might be due for a new assessment.
  • The 14-Day Alert lists completed MDS that have not been submitted and are near or beyond the 14-day submission deadline.

MDS Discharge Assessments: The System identifies residents who have Discharge Dates in their Face Sheets and no Discharge Assessment.

  • MDS Scheduling will list the Discharge Assessment as the next required assessment.
  • The Discharge Tracking Exception Report lists residents who do not have an MDS Discharge Tracking Assessment with an equal or later discharge date.