Earned Time Off

The Hi-Tech Software Solutions Payroll System refers to vacation and earned time off as Earned Benefit Time (EBT).

The Payroll Systems allows you to control the amount and rate at which your employees accrue EBT.

  • Build EBT Rate Tables based on years or hours of service and Pay Grades.
    • Set a maximum amount of EBT that can be accrued.
    • EBT rates and maximums can differ for hourly and salaried employees.
  • Determine which types of pay accrue EBT.
  • Code EBT to the General Ledger as an expense as it is earned, or as a liability when it is paid.
  • Identify the date that an employee is eligible to start earning EBT.
  • Assign the rate at which the employee earns EBT.
  • With each payroll, report on employees whose EBT rates will change and who may be over their EBT maximum.
  • On the paycheck stub, print EBT pay separately from other pay types and print the amount of remaining accrued EBT.
  • Pay out EBT to a terminated employee.